Summer Straylining for Snaps’

Straylining is a very popular method for anglers targeting big Snapper! Fish City customers Josh and Scott, regularly catch good snapper using this technique. These fish going a respectable 16 and 23lb!

Being relatively simplistic, straylining requires shallower water with structure such as a reef. Also ensuring the wind and tide are working in your favour while fishing. This means your berley and straylined baits are working together to entice big snaps’, like those pictured below!

The gear we deem necessary for a good strayline session is good berley, & baits which match what the resident snapper are predating on. Our range of bait and berley can be found here.

Rods and reels suitable for straylining consist of the Shimano Baitrunner range, and our staff favourite the tried-and-true Aqua Tip and Vortex range. Lever drag reels with a clicker, such as the Shimano Talica and TLD range, are also perfect for the job. This would suit the angler who prefers to use overhead style reels rather than a spin reel with a Baitrunner function.

As far as tackle goes, Pre-Tied Strayline Rigs can be handy. With a small running sinker on your mainline if required - due to current or depth. Trace is also a big factor, as often straylining means you are fishing close to the rocks or reef you are targeting. We recommend Black Magic Tough Trace in at least 60lb, making sure you do not get busted off. Hooks are a commonly debated aspect, even amongst Fish City staff. The top contender tends to be the GamakatsuBKK Octopus or J hook in size 7/0. The Black Magic KLT range is also worth a look being another favourite!

These fish were caught on the east coast, near Te Kaha, using a weighted two hook strayline rig, 80lb trace, with BKK Red Octopus hooks. On a Shimano Baitrunner 8000D and Shimano Vortex 6-10kg Spin Rod

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