Minn Kota - "The worlds most accurate GPS anchoring system."

As digital anchoring's popularity grows in the marine and fishing world, it is important to be well educated about your next purchase. In 2021 rope, chain and a big heavy anchor - while still important as a backup - is a thing of the past.

The biggest bonus, is our team of qualified mechanics can modify and install any Minn Kota to almost every boat! 

The Minn Kota range operates on GPS coordinates. The built in heading sensor compensates for wind, tide and current and spot-lock technology keeps you exactly where you want to be. This can be easily adjusted via the jog function on i-Pilot and the remote, smartphone app or your sounder - depending on the configuration you are using - is capable of this. 

How i-Pilot works:

 Digital Maximiser:

The digital maximiser ensures five times the battery life on the water, compared with any other digital trolling motor/anchor. This is due to Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) regulating power flow, especially at lower speeds, and for minute adjustments - for example, while using spot lock. Minn Kota have discovered the realised usage of these motors in a practical environment, namely for fishermen, and optimised their build & technology to satisfy the demands of these applications. While all motors have different thrust, shaft lengths, and battery configurations, their top speed is approximately 5mph.

Auto Deploy vs Lift Assist: 

The three different saltwater models boast features and benefits dependent upon your demands. The key difference between the Terrova and Ulterra models, is the auto-deploy and power trim functions. The Ulterra uses auto-deploy, as opposed to the lift assist function on the Terrova, so it really comes down to whether you are happy to deploy the Minn Kota manually or by the push of a button. When deciding this, the style of your boat is important to consider. Centre consoles provide relatively easy to access the Minn Kota, while other models - such as hardtop boats for example - would be much better fitted with an auto-deploy Ulterra model. 

Power Trim:

Power Trim lets you adjust the amount of shaft in the water via the i-Pilot for changing conditions. Practically applied, this means if you are a fair-weather, inner harbour, or even lake fishermen with a centre console or side steer, a Minn Kota Terrova will suit your demands. On the flip side, if you own a hardtop and occasionally get out in weather that isn't always variables, the Minn Kota Ulterra might better suit your requirements. 

Riptide Powerdrive:

There is also the more basic model available, the Riptide Powerdrive. Suitable for smaller boats which don't have to combat as much wind and current. Sporting a great price-point. 

By the time you consider the cost of a decent winch, rope, chain and anchor, the Minn Kota option becomes very feasible and not so daunting. In our opinion, the Minn Kota range is the biggest breakthrough technology for trailer boats since fish finders and chart plotters were introduced to the market. 

Check this out! Minn Kota Motors being used practically, in a fishing sense!


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