About Us

About Us

On a spring morning in October 1992, Ross Christensen realised his childhood passion and opened his own fishing and tackle shop in Kahikatea Drive, Frankton.

It was called Fish City and it would be committed to offering the best level of service to all fellow fishermen.

Fish City started with three dedicated staff, Kevin Taylor, Jon Hewson and Ross Christensen (owner/operator and jack of all trades) and soon became the top spot for local fishermen. As Fish City’s reputation for unsurpassed service, passion and professionalism grew so too did the business expand.

The name Fish City soon became synonymous with, “a successful day,” thanks to an ongoing commitment started way back in 1992 to bring the very best advancements in fishing rods and reels, lines and lures, boats, engines and new electronics that play such a big part on today’s modern fishing vessel, to all our customers.

More recently Fish City has moved into hunting and shooting bringing the same passion and level of experience and expertise to our land based hunters.

Fish City, is now recognised as one of the country’s most comprehensive fishing, boating, hunting, marine and outdoor service centres in the country.

Twenty years later Kev, Jon and Ross are still dispensing their invaluable advice at Fish City alongside a top team of equally impassioned, experienced people brimming with helpful knowledge about world leading brands, secret tips and an unwavering dedication to provide all our customers with a “bloody fantastic day.”