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Bottom Tank Toilet Chemical - Blue 500ml

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Bottom Tank Blue can be used in the holding tank of any portable or Permanent toilet using fresh or salt flushing water eg. portable toilet, caravan or home toilet, including marine holding tanks.

Bottom Tank Blue concentrate will break down solid waste, reduce the build-up of gases, reduce the ammonia from urine as well as break down toilet tissue and assist to keep your holding tank clean.

Bottom Tank Toilet Chemical Blue 500ml Features:

  • 500ml bottle
  • Provides powerful deodorant
  • Helps dissolve the waste for pour-away
  • Keeps the holding tank clean
  • Prevents gas build up
  • Effective 4-5 days
  • 60ml to 10L of waste capacity
  • Will not harm septic tanks.
  • Proven reliability as a responsible environmentally friendly waste treatment fluid.
  • Made in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.