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Shimano Sephia BB C3000S & Sephia BB 8'3" 2pce 2-3.5gm PE 0.4-0.8 Medium Light Egi Squid Combo

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Target those tasty squid with this dedicated Egi Combo. Top of the range in quality and performance for those wanting the perfect set for this growing form of fishing.

Shimano Sephia BB C3000SB Egi Reel

Equipped with the sturdy Hagane gear for strength and smoothness, you'll be working your jigs all day without trouble. The mix of the G-free body, AR-C spool and one-piece bail also makes for enhanced smoothness and comfort cast after cast. X-Ship offers more efficient gearing and power, giving anglers ultra-light handle rotation with less effort. All these make the Shimano Sephia BB C3000S Spinning Reel perfect for chasing squid and other species.

Shimano Sephia BB C3000SB Egi Reel Features:

  • Cold forged Hagane gears for extreme durability
  • Efficient and smooth winding
  • Internal water resistance protection
  • Rapid fire drag for quick drag adjustments
  • G-free body to reduce fatigue and improved balance in hand
  • 10-year Shimano reel warranty

Shimano Sephia BB C3000SB Egi Reel Specifications:

  • Bearings: 5+1
  • Max drag: 9kg
  • Gear ratio: 5.3-1
  • Retrieve per crank: 78cm
  • Weight: 225g

 Shimano Sephia BB 8'3"2pce 2-3.5gm PE 0.4-0.8 ML Egi Rod

Shimano Sephia TT 8'3" 2pce 2-3.5gm PE 0.4-0.8 Medium Light EGI Rod packs the right blend of features so you're well equipped for catching squid. This high-performance, specialist rod is expertly designed so that the whole body of the rod bends flexibly and jerks easily with just a slight movement of the wrist. With this, it's easy to grasp the timing of the jerk and cast, establishing an intuitive "automatic" performance.

The Sephia TT uses Shimano's original basic structure Spiral-X blanks to achieve weight reduction while maintaining sufficient strength. By increasing the rigidity of the twisting and crushing, the rod suppresses the dullness that tends to occur in supple rods. The reel seat is made from carbon-reinforced material CI4+ for lightweight performance and higher sensitivity.

The world of squid fishing is both easy and yet profound. You can target bigfin reef squid in readily accessible locations inshore and offshore, shallow and deep. The 22 Sephia BB allows anglers to enjoy squid fishing in all seasons. The blank has been equipped with Hi-Power X which is resistant to torsion and reduces power loss and unpleasant vibrations. This results in better casting accuracy and easier manipulation of the squid jig due to improved power transmission. While the grip and design have been carefully considered to make the rod more comfortable and enjoyable to use for squid fishing.

Shimano Sephia BB 8'3"2pce 2-3.5gm PE 0.4-0.8 ML Egi Rod Specifications:

  • Item Code: 22SEBBS83ML
  • Length: 8'3"
  • Pieces: 2
  • Weight: 105gm
  • Line weight: PE 0.4-0.8