Shimano Wing Fall Slow Pitch Lure - Fish City Hamilton - 160gm - Black lumo

Shimano Wing Fall Slow Pitch Lure

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Colour:Black lumo
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The Shimano Butterfly Wing Fall is the unique jig for both conventional and slow pitch jigging applications.

This dynamic jig has several falling actions including: Wide roll, cradle swing and backslide.

All of these actions are designed to mimic an injured baitfish triggering the feeding response of predators.

Shimano Wing Fall Slow Fall Slow Pitch Lure Features:

  • wide roll, cradle swing, and backslide
  • Mimics injured or dying baitfish
  • Scale boost finish for lifelike appearance
  • Through wire construction
  • Length: 104mm
  • Size: 130g

Comes in 3 different weights and 5 different colours