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Sea Harvester Trolling Birds

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Sea Harvester Hard-bodied trolling birds are fishing lures specifically designed for offshore trolling applications.
These lures are shaped like birds and are typically made of durable and buoyant materials.

Trolling Attractor: Hard-bodied trolling birds serve as attractors by creating surface disturbance and mimicking the commotion caused by feeding birds.
This attracts predatory fish that are known to feed on smaller baitfish or create surface disturbances.

Durable Construction: Hard-bodied trolling birds are designed to withstand the rigors of offshore trolling.
They are made from sturdy materials, such as high-density plastic , that can endure the pressure and impacts encountered during high-speed trolling.

Buoyancy and Stability: The buoyant construction of trolling birds allows them to stay afloat and maintain stability when pulled through the water at high speeds.
This ensures that the lures track properly and create the desired surface disturbance and attraction.

Target Species: Trolling birds are effective for targeting a variety of offshore game fish species, including tuna, mahi-mahi (dolphin fish), wahoo, sailfish, and marlin.
These predatory fish are attracted to the surface disturbance created by the trolling bird and are more likely to strike the trailing baits or lures.

Rigging Options: Trolling birds are often rigged with multiple fishing lines trailing behind them, such as teasers, bait rigs, or other lures.
These lines mimic a school of baitfish and increase the chances of enticing a predatory fish to strike.

Versatility: Trolling birds can be used in different trolling scenarios, such as behind boats or downriggers.
They are suitable for both recreational and commercial fishing and are popular among offshore anglers.