Rocna Anchors RRR Fisherman - Fish City Hamilton - 4kg -

Rocna Anchors RRR Fisherman

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Rapid Set on virtually any ocean floor
Industry Leading holding power
Easy to use with an auto-launch and secure stow
Environmentally friendly

This is the RRR version which has a long slider slot for the attachment shackle.
Use our Carver Long D Shackle below with this anchor.
This can be useful when anchoring in very rocky locations, as you can motor forward over the anchor and pull the anchor out backward.

Rocna Anchors RRR Fisherman Specifications for 4kg 

  • 4kg or 9lbs
  • 460cm2 Blade Surface Area.
  • Length  Weight
    4m (13') up to 2 tonne
    5m (16') up to 1 tonne
    6m (20') up to half tonne

Rocna Anchors RRR Fisherman Specifications for 6kg 

  • Weight 6kg or 13lbs
  • 590cm2 Blade Surface Area.
  • Length : Weight
    5m (16') up to 5 tonne
    6m (20') up to 4 tonne
    7m (23') up to 2 tonne
    8m (26') up to 1 tonne