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Pakula 3D Printhead Cockroach Slimey

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The 3D printed head features venturi jets to create bubbles, and an offset and straight leader tube, allowing for more customisation of your lure spread behind the boat.

The fish print on skirts are in the sizes relative to species, and has UV2, lumo glow blue, fluro and CAT Additives. The hook up rate is astounding and as Peter Pakula explained this lure entices predators to the 3D fish, which is precisely where the hook is positioned.

Pakula 3D Printhead Cockroach Lure Features:

  • 3D printed in ABS that have lumo blue heads that are air keeled
  • Dual leader tubes and venturi jets to maximise the 3D print skirts effectiveness
  • Fish print skirts have UV2, lumo glow blue, Fluro and CAT additives
  • Cockroach works well in all trolling positions
  • Short rigger lure
  • Unrigged
  • Head: Cockroach
  • Fish print: Pilchard