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Nacsan Live Bait Slider Clips - 2pk

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Get your livebait out into the fishing zone with the Nacsan Live Bait Slider Clips. Slide baiting clips are designed for your livebait can only swim one way. The design of the slide baiting clip prevents the bait from swimming back or getting washed back from wave action.

Slide baiting, for those who are unaware, is the practice of fishing with a sliding rig weighed down by a breakaway sinker. A breakaway sinker is a sinker with backward-facing points that will anchor it to the bottom. Typically, an angler will cast the breakaway sinker on it’s own using a long, stiff rod to achieve maximum distance without the added resistance and interference of any baits or hooks. Once the sinker has found bottom and dug in, a slide bait clip can be clipped onto the line, and onto the clip the baited hook can be tied. Once everything is in place, the rig should slide down the line toward the breakaway sinker on a shallow gradient, eventually reaching the sinker.