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Mustad Treble Kaiju 36328NP-DS Hooks - 7X Strong

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This extremely robust 7X strong wire, hand-forged treble hook is one of the strongest hooks around. Used for the ultimate saltwater challenges around the globe. The hook features a wide gap for the best hook set and holding power when targeting really big saltwater species, such as Giant Trevally, Yellowfin or Dogtooth Tuna.

The hook features micro barbs for easy hookset and Mustad’s DuraSteel finish for maximum corrosion resistance and specially designed eye for use with heavy-duty split rings. It is ideal replacement hook for big lures, such as plugs, jigs and poppers.

Mustad Treble Kaiju 36328NP-DS Hook Features:

  • 4.3 UltraPoint Technology
  • Opti-Angle Needle Point
  • 7X Strong
  • Ringed eye
  • Forged
  • Ideal replacement hook
  • Use with heavy-duty split rings
  • Nor-Tempered
  • DuraSteel finish