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Minn Kota Riptide Terrova 55 St I Pilot Lift Ast 54" 12V 601604

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Minn Kota Riptide Terrova 55 St I Pilot Lift Ast 54" 12V 601604

The all new Saltwater Terrova includes the all new category leading i-Pilot with Heading Sensor antenna, Bluetooth communication with a new larger screen remote, lift assist as well as a new look design. The new foot pedal with spot lock button is optional with this motor. Australia's favourite Bow Mount motor just got even better!

REINVENTED SPOT-LOCK: Enhanced with new hardware and software algorithms, Spot-Lock works holds you tighter to your fishing spot than ever before, making it the most accurate electronic GPS anchor ever.
Spot-Lock Jog
Move your Spot-Lock five feet forward, backward, left or right - just by pushing a button. Feature available with Heading Sensor fitted.

HEADING SENSOR: ST i-Pilot systems feature a new Heading Sensor, which recognises changes in the boat's heading due to wind and  current, and communicates with the i-Pilot system to minimise boat swing for a more accurate, stronger hold.

REDESIGNED FOOT PEDAL WITH NEW SPOT-LOCK BUTTON: Low-profile and loaded with control features, including a new Spot-Lock button for fast, hands-free access to hold on a spot. Includes 18" cord.

QUIETER STEERING MOTOR: New Riptide Terrova has a completely new motor design - engineered to run quieter than ever before.

AUTO STOW/DEPLOY: Nothing makes fishing easier than Riptide Ulterra. Auto Stow/Deploy lets you get your motor in and out of the water using the included i-Pilot Remote.

POWER TRIM: Once your motor's in the water, Power Trim lets you easily adjust the motor depth for changing conditions, using your remote.

DIGITAL MAXIMIZER: Stay on the water up to five times longer on a single charge. Digital Maximizer controls the draw of power at variable speeds to keep you fishing longer.

NEW! I-PILOT WITH NEW PHONE APP: Boat positioning becomes automatic with the redesigned, GPS-powered i-Pilot system. i-Pilot lets you set Spot-Locks, record paths, control speed and steering, and more. i-Pilot features reinvented Spot-Lock - the most accurate electronic GPS anchor ever - and have redesigned the remote with a larger screens, more options, and Bluetooth technology, so you can connect to your smartphone for quick control of basic functions and easy software updates.

I-PILOT MICRO REMOTE (OPTIONAL): i-Pilot gives you full command of your motor. But when you want simplified, compact control, grab the waterproof Micro Remote accessory for quick command of Spot-Lock, speed, steering and Advanced AutoPilot. i-Pilot can learn multiple remotes so you can use your original remote and Micro Remote together.

LIFT-ASSIST: A new Lift-Assist mechanism on the redesigned Riptide Terrova carries the weight of the motor for you to make stowing easier - so you can save your strength to reel in the big ones.

LIFT-ASSIST DESIGN: Raise Riptide Terrova by barely lifting a finger. Its new Lift-Assist Design takes the work out of stowing, making it effortless every single time.

  1. Simply depress the handle on the mount
  2. The spring-loaded assembly helps pull the motor from the water


  • Control - i-Pilot
  • Shaft Length - 54", 60", 72"
  • Prop - Weedless Wedge 2
  • Foot Pedal - Optional
  • i-Pilot - Heading Sensor
  • Jog Mode - Yes
  • Max Boat Length - 5m, 7m, 7.6m