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Maxwell RC6 12V 6-7Mm Chain 12Mm Rope 500W

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Once again Maxwell leads the way in revolutionary automatic rope/chain windlass technology. 

Following on the overwhelming acceptance of the RC10 and over a decade of global success with the Freedom, Liberty and HRC Series automatic rope/chain windlasses, the all new Maxwell RC6 and RC8 windlasses are poised to conquer the market segment demanding a superbly engineered and beautifully designed windlass capable of handling either 6mm/7mm chain/12mm rope or 8mm chain/14mm (9/16") rope combinations.


Effortless automatic retrieval and deployment of either 8mm chain and up to 14mm rope combination rodes with the RC8 and 6mm chain/12mm rope combinations with the RC6, giving unsurpassed user flexibility.

An innovative heavy duty stainless steel pressure arm, coupled with a unique rope/chain gypsy, giving an unparalleled level of performance.

The RC8 allows simple two piece installation, saving time and money and allowing easy retrofitting without disassembly of the windlass.

The RC6 consists of an in-line, vertical gearbox and motor allowing quick and easy installation by either the boat builder or the DIY aftermarket customer.

Manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel for long term durability and outstanding aesthetics. The topworks can be fully disassembled utilising the handle provided, a screw diver and common Allen key, making regular service and maintenance a breeze. No special tools required!

A huge, through deck, hawse pipe throat ensures easy entry of the rope/chain rode into and out of the anchor locker.

Not only do the RC6 and RC8 effortlessly handle combination rope/chain rodes, they work just as well with all chain rodes for those who may want the extra security of an all chain system combined with an elegantly styled, low profile windlass on their foredeck.

While the RC8 is available with an optional capstan drum, the RC6 is available only as an inexpensive, low profile version, designed with the smaller trailer boat market in mind.

 Exclusive Maxwell 3 YEAR Limited Warranty giving you the confidence that you are getting the best product on the market.