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Kilwell Outriggers 4.6m ST12K Stiff Drop-In Pair

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The Kilwell Drop-In Outriggers are designed to be used with the SOB42 Kilwell Slimline outrigger bases.

These Outrigger poles have a spigot fitting at the base which are a perfect fit to slide inside the base tube, so they can slide in and out for easier storage.

Supplied as outrigger blanks only ? Rigging kits are sold separately

Available in black 12K carbon fibre finish.

The Powerpole 12K carbon outriggers are approximately 40% lighter than Longreach outriggers.

Kilwell Outriggers 4.6m ST12K Stiff Drop-In Features:

  • Designed for Kilwell SOB42 Slimline Bases
  • Spigot Fitting
  • Blanks Only
  • 12k Carbon - 40% lighter than Longreach
  • Length 4.6m / 16? Stiff 12K Carbon Drop-In (pr)

Additional Features:

  • Optional 1.5m or 2.5m spigot extension available (will need to order in - non stock item) to take them to 6.1m or 7.1m accordingly. (see below under Extension Kits)
  • The extension uses a flush fit spigot joint, which can be left as a friction fit, but can be glued in place if necessary.
  • PP42CEXT1.5 ? Kilwell NZ Outrigger 1.5m 12K Carbon Drop-In Extension 40.8 mm(Ea)
  • PP42CEXT2.5 ? Kilwell NZ Outrigger 2.5m 12K Carbon Drop-In Extension 40.8mm (Ea)
  • The extension poles fit into the bases using a carbon fibre spigot and are a snug friction fit inside the Kilwell Slimline bases with no glue required.
  • The Outrigger poles in turn spigot neatly inside the extensions to give a near seamless flush fit. For a permanent fix the poles can be glued together with epoxy.

Like all Kilwell branded products these have a Kilwell Limited Lifetime Warranty.