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Kilwell NZ Gladiator 24-37kg DBB W/O Game Rod

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The Kilwell Gladiator IGFA 24-37kg swordfish rod is constructed with an E-Gass fiberglass rod blank
and holds up to extreme saltwater fishing. Super hard silicon carbide guides and a detachable
aluminium bent butt offers versatility and provides leverage for fighting huge fish.
The blank is lighter in the tip than conventional rods in this class, so perfect for use with braid
and also better bite detection on daytime swords, but there is still plenty of power in the butt section.

This rod is the result of years of customers' experience and preferences rolled into a rod that
will fit any boat or style of deep dropping. When you're not on the broadbill, the rod is also effective
for trolling for marlin or big tuna, especially when using braid.

This rod is fitted with Aftco® SHD Wind-on Roller Top.

Like all Kilwell branded products these rods have a Kilwell Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Proudly made in New Zealand by KILWELL RODCRAFT. 

Kilwell NZ Gladiator 24-37kg DBB W/O Game Rod Features:

* Detachable aluminium bent butt 2SCBG
* Ethylene Vinyl Acetate EVA foregrips
* Underbound and overbound guides
* Length: 1.89m