Icey Tek 90L Bin Long

Icey Tek 90L Bin Long


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The Icey Tec cool bin range has been apart of Fish City for many years and is still our trusted quality ice box for all boaties and fishos.

How to get the best out of your bin
For the best results from your bin we recommend salted ice. This is readily available from Fish City. You can also use fresh water ice frozen block ice or icey-tek gel packs.

There are 2 ways of using your bin for excellent results:
By using one or two bags of ice and adding salt water to make a slurry this will keep your fish in premium condition until you reach your destination and are able to then fillet. (This option applies for day trips only)

Fill your bin full of ice and as you catch your fish you can pack them into the ice bin in layers completely packing ice around the fish this way your fish will last for days in your bin.

Bin Specs
Litreage 90 (L)
Length 920 (mm)
Height 480 (mm)
Width 480 mm)
Weight 14 (kg)

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