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Dirty Steve Engine Flush & Applicator Pack

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Dirty Steve Engine Flush & Applicator Pack is the perfect combination for flushing and cleaning your outboard or engine, and for Cleaning Boats, Jet-Skis, Personal Water-Crafts, boat, dive gear, fishing gear and anything else that may have had a dip in the salt.

  • Removes salt and contaminants from marine engines
  • Prevents salt corrosion
  • Easy Connection to garden hoses
  • Use in conjunction with Dirty Steve Engine Flush and Salt Eliminator Solution
  • Container provides measurements for accuracy when filling with Salt Eliminator Solution

Dirty Steve Engine Flush & Salt Eliminator is perfect for general maintenance cleaning of Boats, Jet-Skis, Personal Water-Crafts and any other Water-craft, Trailer or surface that may come into contact with corrosive salty sea air. This innovative & flexible solution can be used as a marine engine flush after a day at sea, or used as a 'spray & rinse' for surfaces to wash away accumulated salt, assisting in corrosion prevention.

Dirty Steve Engine Flush Applicator (included) is best used in conjunction with Dirty Steve Engine Flush & Salt Eliminator  The applicator simply connects with 'Ear Flush Muffs' and a standard garden hose. Simply fill the container with the solution, turn the dial from 'Rinse' to 'Feed' and turn on the tap. (It is always recommended to check your marine engine manufacturers manual for flushing advice.

Other applications include cleaning fishing & diving gear, marine tools, marine trailers & other items kept on water-crafts, leaving your valuables salt free! Rigorously tested on most external surfaces including aluminium, iron, copper, stainless steel, chrome, paint, gel coat, nylon, isinglass, vinyl, plastic, glass, wood, rubber, canvas, concrete & brick.

When using Dirty Steve Engine Flush & Salt Eliminator for general washing and salt removal of marine equipment, use 30ml per 1L of water in a clean bucket or spray bottle (ensure bottle is made of HDPE material). Spray or wipe onto surface, wet thoroughly and let dry thoroughly before storing.

For soaking equipment: Place equipment in a basin or bucket for 5 minutes, remove and allow to dry thoroughly before storing.

For salt removal for vehicles & trailers: Spray underside or difficult to reach places of vehicles and trailers. Use a pressure sprayer to rinse with water. For excessive salt build up, use 60ml per 1L of water.

Dirty Steve Engine Flush & Salt Eliminator Features:

  • Flexible to be used as a salt wash for surfaces and marine engine flush for all marine watercrafts and equipment
  • Applicator pack included
  • Helps protect against corrosive salty sea air by dissolving salt deposits on surfaces & inside engines
  • 1L makes up a large 35L of solution