Daiwa BG MQ 10000H Spin Reel - Fish City Hamilton - -
Daiwa BG MQ 10000H Spin Reel - Fish City Hamilton - -

Daiwa BG MQ 10000H Spin Reel

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Daiwa?s BG series has changed the game of what affordable quality looks like in heavy-duty spinning reels. Now, by combining Monocoque Body (MQ) technology with the mass market appeal of BG, BG MQ is born.

Monocoque Body (MQ) is the single biggest revolution in spinning reel design from Daiwa. Totally eliminating the traditional two-piece body construction. MQ reels don?t use any side plates and feature a to- tally screwless body design eliminating potential entry points for water & grime, and significantly enhancing overall body strength and rigidity.

The drag has been improved both in maximum capacity but also in smooth overall performance, drastically reducing the friction of the Carbon ATD drag BG MQ?s drag performance is unmatched by the competition. Casting performance has also been improved with the implementation of Long Cast ABS (LC- ABS) spool design. LC-ABS spool design improves line flow from the spool, resulting in increased casting distances across the board with both heavy & light lines.

BG MQ marks a new era in affordable saltwater spinning reels from Daiwa, with MQ technology now available to the masses. BG MQ is built for the harshest conditions and is set to once again revolutionize the industry. Available from 2500-20000 size, BG MQ now is aligned with 20 SALTIGA sizing.

Daiwa BG MQ 10000H Spin Reel Features:

  • Monocoque Body
  • ABS Long Cast Spool
  • Air Rotor
  • ATD
  • Machine Cut Handle
  • Wirebail
  • Metal/Alloy Body
  • Perfect Line Stopper
  • Infinite anti reverse stopper

Daiwa BG MQ 10000H Spin Reel Specifications:

: Gear Ratio 5.7-1

: Weight 646g

: Ball Bearings 6+1

: Drag 15kg

: Spool Capacity PE5 300m