C3 Nymph "Pole Position"

C3 Nymph "Pole Position"

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The Category 3 Fly Company sets itself apart by selling high quality and highly effective fly patterns developed for success in back country NZ. These flies are built on the very best of hooks with superior materials to last when in the outdoors and are NZ's premium commercially tied flies.

This is one of our biggest selling C3 nymphs. For some reason, hard to catch big brown trout seem to love it. A trigger fly in ultra clear water, this fly is deadly when other more traditional patterns are ignored. Anything with red gets rainbows excited and this is no exception.

"Pole Position" Features:

  • High quality
  • Highly effective
  • Attractive to trout

"Pole Position" Specifications:

  • Type: Nymph
  • Colour: Red Tungsten Bead
  • Pattern: Pole Position
  • Sizes: #12, #14, #16