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AJ Productions Sound Cards

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Title:Sika Deer 2

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AJ Productions Sound Cards

One soundcard per purchase, please select required card. Deluxe callers will hold two cards! So be sure to capitalise on this!

These cards work in the NEW 2023 Deluxe MKII model Caller ONLY

New for the 2023 season - Sika Deer 4!

AJ Productions Sound Cards:

  • Red Deer: stag roar; stag roar 2; stag grunt; hind call; fawn call

  • Red Deer 2: stag basic moan; stag half roar; stag full roar; stag grunts; hind call

  • Sika Deer: single call; he-haw call; stag mew; spiker call; fawn call

  • Sika Deer 2: single call; he-haw call; stag mew; yak yak call; hind/fawn call

  • Sika Deer 3: single call; he-haw call; stag mew; spiker/fawn contact call; hind communication call

  • Sika Deer 4: single call; he-haw call; sika stag battle; sika hind/stag talk; yearling communication call

  • Sambar/Fallow combo: sambar calf call; sambar communication; sambar oestrus call; fallow buck grunt; fallow doe call

Please Note: All sound recordings are used under license or are the exclusive property of A J PRODUCTIONS LTD, HAMILTON ? NEW ZEALAND.

?Our recordings are for the sole purpose to be only used in the A J Productions ? Electronic Universal Game Caller, standard and deluxe models. It is an offence to use these sound recordings with any other device (cellular phones, Apps etc) without written permission from the owner ? A J PRODUCTIONS LTD ? NEW ZEALAND?