Wasabi Barrel Swivels

Wasabi Barrel Swivels

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Packet Size:Small
Swivel Size:4KG

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Barrel Swivels ‚“ Extra Strong

Black for a purpose‚ a bright swivel can scare some fish, and some species may strike at a shiny swivel while you are playing the big one.

There are six sizes to suit your preferred line weight (4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20kg).

Barrel Swivels Pack Quantity Chart - 

size 4kg 6kg 8kg 10kg 15kg 20kg
small 32 30 19 15 11 7
economy 118 113 67 55 40 25
average breaking strains 15kg (33lb) 19kg (41lb) 25kg (55lb) 36kg (79lb) 58kg (127lb) 62kg (136lb)