Due to the government raising the alert level we will be closing our doors from 5.30 pm tomorrow (Tuesday 24th) until the alert level has been lifted. Our website will still be up and running to browse but we will NOT be able to fulfill any orders until the alert level has been lifted.
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Service Centre

Fish City Hamilton has a full marine workshop. We’re out there on the water ourselves and know how to set your boat up and make it safe.

Our Services:

  • Engine & Boat Repairs, Rebuilds & Maintenance.
  • Installing the latest gear, from Outboards to Electronics and Chandlery.
  • We Service and Rig all major brands of Outboards and Inboards
  • Service reminders, don’t get caught out again!

Maintenance Tips

Outboards & Sterndrives

  • Always flush your engine with fresh water after use.
  • Make use of Saltaway to keep your engine water galleries clear.
  • Use Quicksilver Corrosion Guard, Inox or a comparable product to keep the externals of your engine clean and clear of salt build-up.
  • Fuel Stabilisers are a good idea as modern fuel contains alcohol which will attract moisture, leaving water in your fuel tank.
    This is the worst outcome for any engine, potentially causing a multitude of expensive damages.
  • Water separating fuel filters will assist in removing water from the fuel, they are easily fitted to most boats and provide an inexpensive remedy.


  • Flush your trailer after use with Saltaway.
  • Grease Wheel Bearings regularly, for best results fit Bearing Buddies
  • Fish City are Sensabrake agents for North Island.


  • Storage Seal spray will protect the engine internally when left for long periods.
  • Grease points, but DON’T use automotive grease, use good quality marine grease.
  • Batteries should be charged before and during storage to keep them in good condition.
  • Regular servicing of your engine every 12 months or 100 hours will make it more reliable and keep you and your family safe.
  • Always adhere to the Manufacturer’s Warranty conditions.
  • Steering systems are an important part of the engine-servicing schedule and should be checked annually by an authorised or qualified marine dealer for safety reasons.


  • Beware of sinkers or hooks etc under-floor. Dissimilar metals cause corrosion to the hull, creating holes from the inside out.
  • Remove carpets so they can dry out, fill the boat up to floor level with fresh water regularly and allow to drain and dry.

Good Practice

  • Change the lubricant in your engine transmission or the outboard lower unit
  • Apply fogging if called for by manufacturer
  • Drain the boat’s fuel tanks as much as possible
  • Fill the boat’s fuel tanks completely full
  • Add biocide and/or stabilizing agents to fuel
  • Change the fuel filters
  • Add antifreeze to the engine’s cooling system
  • Add distilled water to batteries, charge completely and disconnect
  • Always Charge batteries to capacity