Umpqua Premium Medium Fly Box - Orange

Umpqua Premium Medium Fly Box - Orange


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Umpqua Fly Fishing UPG Fly Box Medium Graphite Olive Orange.

More compact than its bigger brother, the Medium UPG fly box unites functionality and performance.

The FlyTrap foam system provides two times the storage of similar sized fly boxes, while its see-through lids allow the angler to identify its contents quickly.

Despite how light it feels, this weatherproof marvel is just as durable as its larger UPG relatives.

Features -

  • Lightweight & See-Through Lids
  • FlyTrap Foam System & Weatherproof Holds Up to 508 Flies
  • Zerust Corrosion Protection - No More Rusted Hooks

Box size: 4" x 6" x 1.5"