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Shimano Tiagra Ti50W LRS Game Reel

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The Shimano Tiagra 'A' Series reels have been the benchmark for game reel hunters for a number of years. The new 'A' series feature a slightly darker, heavier gold anodising, a drilled drag quadrant with a drag curve better suited to New Zealand's conditions and a newly designed Septon power handle.

The heavier anodising makes these reels even more resistant to the ravages of salt water, while the click stop drag quadrant permits more precise drag adjustments. The counterbalanced handle falls easily to hand when striking a fish and makes winding easier during the course of a long fight. It's rubberised ?tackiness? combats sweaty palms, which can be a problem during the course of a long fight.

Another major rule of game fishing is that the leverage created by an angler in a chair or stand-up harness with a big marlin, tuna or shark on the end of the line places an enormous amount of pressure on the tackle. That's why Tiagra's one piece frame is machine-cut from an aluminium tube to a thickness of 7mm (the thickest on the market). It's also why Tiagra has a A-RB bearings, heavy duty stainless steel gears and a two speed shifting mechanism where the pinion and drive gears are continuously meshed.

Shimano Tiagra Ti50W LRS Game Reel Specifications:

  • Retrieve Per Crank: 94/38cm
  • Bearings: 4
  • Max Drag: 20kg
  • Mono Capacity: 36 kg / 503m
  • Drag Type: LD
  • Weight: 2447g
  • Gear Ratio: 3.1:1, 1.3:1