Shimano Talica Tac 10 Single Speed Jigging Reel

Shimano Talica Tac 10 Single Speed Jigging Reel


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The Shimano Talica is Shimano's lever drag series. It also offers a high-speed retrieve that you can use for jigging kingfish and other species where speed can be the difference.

The Talica is available in both single speed and 2 speed options providing a wider range of applications from straight out lure fishing to battling deep water species. Each model has a one-piece machined Aluminium frame treated with a proprietary surface process for cutting-edge corrosion protection.

The Talica also features a lightweight cold forged aluminium spool, oversized HEG (High Efficiency Gearing) gears, waterproof carbon drag system and 6 S-ARB bearings for super smooth operation.

The Talica has been constructed to excert massive drag pressures for their respective sizes and a carbon drag system has been waterproofed (when engaged) to handle salt water spray.

The Talica range features 4 sizes 8, 10, 12 and 16, while the High Efficiency Gearing means that they have the power to fight any NZ species well above their weight class.

A simply beautifully constructed fishing reel... 

Reel Specifications:

Retrieve per crank: 97 cm
Bearings: 6
Max drag: 9kg
Mono capacity:  7 kg / 347 m
Drag type: Lever D
Weight: 465 g
Braid capacity: 40 lbs / 540 yds
Gear ratio:  6.2:1