Savage 3D Octopus Lures
Savage 3D Octopus Lures
Savage 3D Octopus Lures

Savage 3D Octopus Lures


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Based on a detailed 3D scan of a baby octopus, the Savage 3D Octopus Lure uses incredible realism at every level to draw fish in from long distances. The built-in steel rattle chamber sends a loud, clear signal to nearby predators.

The bubble catch traps air to make it stream bubbles, making it more visible, and the glow effect on the tentacles makes it stand out in the ocean depths even more. It comes with an extra-heavy hook for the biggest game fish you can target, and an extra belly ring for any extra hooks and blades you need. It looks ultra lifelike in the water, with jigging action that fish will go crazy for.


Based on a 3D scan of a baby octopus for realism Built-in steel rattle chamber sends a signal to nearby predators

Bubble catch traps air and releases bubbles at depth to attract fish

Super long lasting glow effects on tentacles

Extremely durable to stand up to toothy fish

Super lifelike action and micro movement from tentacles

Wide darting action when jigged

Extra heavy hook to tackle the largest game fish

Belly ring for assist hooks or blade add on Weights and Length.