Pakula Paua Hothead Med Sprocket - Blue Crystal

Pakula Paua Hothead Med Sprocket - Blue Crystal


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In 1997 Peter Pakula was the first Lure Manufacturer to make lures from super tough, super clear Polyurethane resulting in the first Softease and Diamond Heads. Part of this system was developing a system using single molds to form Trolling Lure Heads. In 2012 we have taken the system further introducing a new form of two part material that is even tougher than than any used previously, plus with new additives in UV code name UV2, Fluorescent and Luminescent (Lumo®).

We have put together the Paua Hothead Range which includes Keeled Jet Heads and standard heads all using advanced materials and additives. Medium Pakula Lures are the ambassadors of our range, being the first to become established in new areas. It was the Medium Sprocket that Don of Kona Fishing Tackle, Hawaii, used first and had enough success to warrant stocking Pakula Lures in his shop. It is our recommendation that if you are fishing somewhere new, you should be using this selection of lures.

They are big enough to tempt the monsters of the sea small enough to be engulfed by the smaller ones as well. As the lures increase in size they become more specific in regards to their placement in the lure pattern. It is advisable to troll these and larger lures where they have been designed to run. The Medium Sprocket, is a long rigger lure with a tight swimming action that will work in all conditions at any trolling speed. This family of lures has been responsible for a great many of the successes of Pakula lures in fact as Peter Pakula says: "always run one of the Sprocket family in Lumo colours, and never move it!". The Small Sprocket is not just a light tackle lure and will hold it's own trolled in the Shotgun position in a heavy tackle spread, especially in the Angel colours.


Length: 255mm / 10.00"

Hooks: Size 35 Dojo Hooks

Min Class: 15kg

Recommended Leader: 300lb

Positions: Long Corner, Long Rigger, Shotgun