Pakula 3D Print Sprocket Rigged Lure Yellowfin

Pakula 3D Print Sprocket Rigged Lure Yellowfin

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The new Fish Print Lures! In the Famous Medium Sprocket style... A killer combo.

The Fish Print Range results in a comprehensive selection of bait species that, at it?s most effective is a set of lures and teasers, all in the same print mimicking a school of baitfish such as Slimy Mackerel, Rebait or Garfish with lone trailing lures resembling weaker bait tailing the school, but with a hook in them. Or a school of small baitfish like Tinker (Slimy), Mackerel, Redbait or Garfish (Ballyhoo) being harried by larger baitfish such as Skipjack or Small Yellowfin which are irresistible jellybeans for larger Marlin and other predators.