Jarvis Walker Deluxe Boat Landing Net - Hd-Rubberised Mesh

Jarvis Walker Deluxe Boat Landing Net - Hd-Rubberised Mesh


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Jarvis Walker Deluxe Landing Nets deliver plenty of advantages to both anglers and fish. Constructed using the latest Rubberised PE Mesh technology, these high quality nets have additional strength and tear resistance over standard rubber nets, but they™re also fish friendly.

The Rubberised PE Mesh also reduces the collection of dirt and weed, which makes the nets easy to clean and maintain. Tangled hooks and trebles also become a problem of the past because hooks don™t catch or bury into the rubber mesh.

The mesh diameters are carefully selected to maximise protection for fish while maintaining a practical level of water flow through the net for swift movement through the water.

This net is built to last.


  • Rubberised PE Mesh Technology
  • Strong and tear resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Powder-coated aluminium frame and handle
  • Spring-loaded stainless steel lock button
  • EVA grip