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Inox Mx6 Grease 30G

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Inox MX6 grease is a fully synthetic extreme pressure grease formulated to give premium performance.

INOX-mx6 is a smooth light brown grease made with Polyalphaolefin's and a special Bentone thickener. It contains additives to protect against corrosion and oxidation.

Because of it's Extreme Pressure lubricating ability and NO MELT temperature range, INOX-mx6 is highly suitable for all bearings, so great when servicing your precious reels, a light smear on all internal prats with greatly improve the longevity of your reels

NB. INOX-mx6 is a premium grade clay based Extreme Pressure grease. Using it with a non-clay based grease can seriously affect its performance. Before using INOX-mx6 grease, it is advisable to remove other non-clay based greases.

Inox Mx6 Grease 30G Features:

  • PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene is a premium grade anti-friction medium
  • NO MELT Temperatures