Gillies Bluewater Poppers

Gillies Bluewater Poppers


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The Bluewater P163 Rocket Popper is an extremely versatile lure that can be fished in a number of different ways. The P163 features a special tail-bias weighting system that serves two main purposes. The heavy tail weight causes the lure to fly straight and true through the air meaning the P163 casts like a rocket. The tail weighting also causes the lure to sit nose-up in the water during the retrieve. This nose-up position causes the lure to literally skip and dart along the surface during a straight, high-speed retrieve; perfectly imitating a fleeing garfish or saurie. The P163 can also be fished with a slow, jerking motion which will see it swim with a walk the dog action, much like a stick bait.

The P163 Rocket Popper is ideal for all bluewater casting, and will appeal to all large pelagic species including Mackerel, Queenfish, Trevally, and all Tuna species including Longtail, Yellowfin and Southern Bluefin.

Style: Bluewater hard body

Size: 163mm

Depth: Surface

Weight: 68gms