Gillies Bluewater Minnow 200 Lure

Gillies Bluewater Minnow 200 Lure

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Gillies Bluewater Minnow 200 Lure

The Bluewater minnow has been developed with the toughest of Bluewater species in mind.

With many conventional lures the action can quickly become untuned with knocks and bumps but this in-mould bib and body design, will ensure the lure will track true and straight time and time again without the need for adjustment. This design also allows for exceptional speed to chase the fastest pelagic species with it comfortably holding in at 8 knots.

The Ghost mould body innovation features colours and designs never seen before in Bluewater lures. These colours will mirror the most predominant baitfish across both the Pacific and Indian Oceans as well as some more wild and unpredictable colours that will entice the toughest predatory fish.

Many of the Bluewater Minnows features a patented “LiveGlo” Fluorescent Technology which incorporates luminous, fluorescent and ultraviolet additives for maximum impact.

The Ghost mould body and fitted with VMC 3X strong perma steel trebles and Superflex HD stainless steel spilt rings.