Catch More Snapper And Kingfish On Lures Book

Catch More Snapper And Kingfish On Lures Book

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Snapper are New Zealand's favourite fish. More money, more time and more effort is put into catching snapper than any other fish species. Catching snapper can be as easy as throwing a hook and line over the side of a boat, but only occasionally.

The reality is that to consistently and regularly catch snapper you have to understand not only the fish, it's habits, preferences and life cycle but more importantly what motivates it to eat your bait or lure.

Mark Kitteridge needs no introduction to any serious fisherman or fisherwoman in New Zealand, staff writer for New Zealand Fishing News, author of Hooked on Snapper, Hooked on Kingfish, Knots Rigs and Baits and now Catch More Snapper.

Much has changed since his first book on snapper fishing - new equipment, new techniques and a whole revolution in soft-plastic fishing has happened. This is up-to-the minute advice on doing it right and being successful.

Catch More Snapper is just that - how to catch snapper and do it every time you go fishing.