Bonze Copper Crimp Sleeves

Bonze Copper Crimp Sleeves

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The Bonze Copper Crimp Sleeves are the ideal and most secure method of attaching mono shooting line to your shaft and gun bungie. These sleeves also make crimping stainless steel wire used for hook rigs easy and they last long as they don't corrode or rust.

Bonze Copper Crimp Sleeves Features:

  • Attaches mono shooting line to shaft and gun bungie
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Ideal for Stainless Wire Trace, when rigging game lures, or making shark rigs
  • Quantity: 40 pieces per pack

Bonze Copper Crimp Sleeves Crimp size and fit:

  • #1 Fits 1.0mm 7x7 wire 1.3mm crimp
  • #2 Fits 1.5mm 7x7 wire 1.6mm crimp
  • #3 Fits 2mm 7x7 wire 2.3mm crimp
  • #4 Fits 2.4mm 7x7 wire 2.6mm crimp