Bkk Hyper Flash A1 Octopus Flasher Rigs - Flying Fish

Bkk Hyper Flash A1 Octopus Flasher Rigs - Flying Fish

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After more than 12-months of development and testing, BKK are excited to announce the arrival of the much requested BKK ‘Hyperflash’ Flasher Rigs. Specifically designed to target bottom-dwelling fish such as Snapper, Tarakihi, and Gurnard.

Super-sharp BKK hooks allow for the easy attachment of your preferred bait and convert every bite into a solid hook up. Featuring glow beads and shimmer fibres to enhance the attractiveness of the rig presentation, and a pre-rigged snap that accommodates sinkers of all sizes whilst also allowing for fast replacement. A connection swivel is included to absorb torsional forces and avoid tangles. The BKK Hyperflash comes wrapped in a re-usable foam pad to minimise tangles and make storage easy and safe after use.

Hyperflash A1: BKK Octopus Beak Black Nickel


  • Soft shimmer fibres

  • Comes with snap attachment and swivel

Hyper Flash A1: 4/0, 6/0, 8/0