Shimano Kairiki 8 Multi 300 Meters

Shimano Kairiki 8 Multi 300 Meters

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The Shimano Kairiki SX8 Multi-Colour Braid is smooth, supple and sensitive. It creates less friction through the guides, minimising cast noise and aids to a stealthier approach. And what's more the tight weave achieves enhanced sensitivity, resulting in low stretch. These attributes make Kairiki 8 an excellent choice for finesse fishing, casting lures and tying knots where smoothness, sensitivity and castability are all required to give that extra edge against your next encounter. Plus, it's also available in bulk - ideal for re-spooling multiple reels, maximising your reel's capacity with no waste.

VT Construction Method:

Featuring 8 carriers and incorporating premium Japanese manufacturing, the new tight weave VT construction is created through applying high tension at opposing directions during the braiding process. In the VT Construction Method, fibre is weaved evenly at all angles “ resulting in a smoother finish, reduced diameter and a long cast.