Icey Tek 115L Bin Long

Icey Tek 115L Bin Long

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*Colours do vary pending on stock availability. If you are after a specific colour please give us call.

Icey-Tek chilly bins have been made from premium components and materials to create the ultimate commercial quality cooler for you to use with confidence in any environment that nature can throw your way. They're made of 100% A grade polyethylene external skin with a non-staining, non-odour absorbing, impact resistant food grade internal liner. The Icey-Tek ice box has superior ice/cold retention which is obtained by utilising premium polyurethane insulation injected under extreme pressure within all wall cavities and the lid. All ice boxes have ultra heavy duty self stopping lid hinges to prevent damage. The lids have a rubber gasket that's fitted to ensure a perfect seal, keeping your contents colder for longer.

These coolers hold ice up to 12 days.

Another great thing about the Icey-Tek chilly bin is the fact that if there's ever a power outage all you need to do is put your perishable items in your chilly bin with a couple trays of cubed ice and your food will stay good for over a week if needed. Unlike a conventional refrigerator/freezer, the Icey-Tek ice boxes are built to retain cold temperatures rather than make cold temperatures. All Icey-Tek Long Chilly Bins are lockable and are supplied with 2 receivers on the bottom of the lid and on the top enabling them to receive a padlock. These bins also come with Innovative commercial grade skids that protect the bottom as well as the surface they are on. They have plastic coated rope handles for ease of carrying. All Icey-Tek chilly bins come with 2 removable drain plugs that screw in with a rubber gasket to ensure a watertight seal. Icey-Tek Long Chilly Bin

Features: Colour: Grey/White (depending upon stock/availability)

Moulded outer and inner skins of A Grade polyethylene Insulated with high density ICI Polyurethane which offers better Ice Retention Especially good for that BIG fish, (Kingies!) Connector Double hinged insulated lids Completely lockable No sharp edges to damage vehicles or boats Full width grip rails for easy carrying 25mm bungs at either end 115L

Specs: External dims - 1120 x 495 x 495 mm Internal dims - 935 x 350 x 365 mm Weight = 14kg

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*Colours do vary pending on stock availability. If you are after a specific colour please give us call.