Bkk Inline Heavy Circle Ultra Anti Rust Hooks

Bkk Inline Heavy Circle Ultra Anti Rust Hooks


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Inline Heavy Circle Hooks are constructed with the same gauge wire as the Heavy Circle hooks, however they feature a straight eye and an in-line hook point. The design of this shape stops the hook from foul-hooking the fish in the belly or head, meaning they're ideal for catch-and-release fishing. Each hook features a super-sharp point, and are available in either Super-Slide (SS) or Ultra-Antirust (UA) coatings.

Features -

90-degree Hook Point Super-Slide (SS) and Ultra-Antirust coatings available
Heavy Gauge Wire Construction

Straight Eyelet In-Line

Hook Point Sizes - 7/0 - 5 pack 8/0 - 5 pack 9/0 - 4 pack 10/0 - 3 pack

Coatings - Ultra-Antirust (UA), Super-Slide (SS)