Sell Your Boat or Re-Power

Why not let us take the hassle and difficulty of selling your boat?

Let our professional sales team do the work for you.

Fish City Hamilton has been selling pre-loved boats and motors for over 25 years. We can purchase your boat outright or sell it for you on your behalf.

For you this means less hassle and because we have a very high-profile yard on state highway 1 (approx 26,000 cars per day) and a fishing shop with high foot traffic ensuring you get the best possible market price.

We also groom and market your boat on Trade me and our Fish City Hamilton website.

We offer competitive finance and insurance in store to help the purchaser. We also offer new boat driving/handling tuition to new boaties and all our pre-owned boats and motors are covered by the consumer guarantees act 1993 which ensures the product is “Fit for Purpose” This gives the consumer piece of mind and removes you the seller from this responsibility.

So, if you have a boat to sell or are thinking about it, contact one of our sales team or stop by and we’ll go over your options and find out what works for you.

The benefits of re-powering your boat?

Reduced noise and vibration, easy starting, better fuel economy and range, 6 year nationwide manufacturer’s warranty, safety and reliability.

If you have an existing boat that fulfills your needs and will continue to do so in the future, re-powering can be a very worthwhile exercise. Most hulls can outlast an outboard as they are usually overbuilt to withstand harsh usage.

Marine outboards also have a reasonably long lifespan when serviced regularly however new technology like electronic fuel injection (EFI) and four strokes have made boating more pleasant due to reduced noise and vibration, better run quality, increased fuel economy /range and of course reliability.

Most outboards used to be two strokes which had a good power to weight ratio, could propel heavy loads and get up on the plane quickly. Unfortunately, they tended to be noisy, use a lot of fuel and produce crew sea sickness from the high carbon monoxide and oil burning. They also had the tendency to be hard to start. If you got the priming, choking and fast idle procedure wrong they were prone to flooding which always happened when your mates were watching!

With the recent advancement and perfection of EFI four strokes the starting procedure is the same as a modern car, turn the key and it will idle from cold or hot! This is because the fuel delivery is now computer controlled and the precise amount of fuel and air is injected at exactly the right time. The spark is also advanced or retarded depending on revs, load, fuel octane and engine temperature to give smoother running, more power and better fuel economy. The disadvantage of four strokes especially in the early development stages was they were heavier and didn’t quite have the grunt of the two strokes.

Considerations when re-powering

Adding too much weight to the transom:

If you have an existing craft that was designed for maximum 90hp, which in a two stroke used to weigh approx 121-137kg, and a new 90hp four stroke which can weigh 155-188kg and then you add another 50-60kg out the back, this can upset the boat’s balance point and make your boat stern heavy which will make it hard to get on plane and possibly not handle in rougher seas at slower speeds. It is not just the max HP rating on your boat, but more importantly will your craft still be balanced with a new motor?Typically most boats can handle an increase, but we strongly advise you talk to our experienced team before just ordering a new motor (it’s free)!

Horsepower is for top speed and torque is what accelerates and carries load:

Boats need torque as they don’t have gearboxes with low gears to take off. A four stroke of similar cubic capacity will have less torque than a two stroke as it only fires every second crankshaft revolution compared to the two stroke firing every revolution (half as many power strokes).

The latest generation of four strokes have overcome these challenges by increasing the cubic capacity which increases torque. This increase in capacity is a very important factor when considering repowering your boat as some brands haven’t quite worked this out. For example, the Yamaha 90hp two stroke is a great motor and is 1140cc; the Mercury 90hp two stroke was 1386cc and the new Mercury 90hp four stroke is 2065cc. Most of the new generation four strokes are both lighter and higher capacity for increased torque.

Other considerations are start battery condition/capacity and steering condition/suitability.

Once you have decided that you are happy with your existing craft and that investing in a new motor will give you all the benefits mentioned above, we can make the process simple by trading your existing motor and carrying out the repower in our certified marine service centre.


"Recently repowered my five meter fiberglass boat replacing the 16 year old Mercury 90 HP two stroke main motor and 6 HP Mercury four stroke auxiliary motor (used for trolling) with a new Mercury 90 HP Tiger shark four stroke outboard. The new motor is awesome, starting instantly, immediately and smoothly responsive to power demand, whilst delivering significant fuel savings and much reduced emissions. The new four stroke is ideal for trolling so it is a real bonus to get rid of the weight, clutter and service costs etc of having two motors. Enjoying having renewed confidence and enjoyment in all aspects of boating again."

Brent - Cambridge