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FC 560CC Packages from;

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  • With our Centre Console range becoming ever more popular in the New Zealand fishing scene, we needed to fill the gap between the FC 535cc and the FC 600cc. Enter the FC 560cc, a boat that will let you fish the way you want to. With a dual centre console and a raised front deck forward of the console this 5.6m boat offers the fishing room that many other 5.6m boats don't.

    The 560cc features two stability systems; firstly, a flooding keel which fills with water when the boat is at rest, making the craft ultra stable, then once underway the water drains out. Secondly, the separate front ballast tank can hold extra weight when navigating into a head or quartering sea. This extra weight gives a smoother and more comfortable ride, then once back in calmer waters the dump valve will release the water quickly.

    This boat comes with as standard: 

    • FC560cc Hull, Centre Console Unit and Front Casting Platform.
    • Voyager Single Axle Braked Trailer
    • Mercury 90HP ELPT 4 Stroke
    • 5mm Hull
    • 4mm Sides
    • FC Auto Stabilising Chamber with Forward Ballast System
    • FC Dual Positive Buoyancy System
    • FC Dry Riding Gunnel System
    • FC Live Bait Tank
    • Bilge Pump
    • 25 Litre Fuel Tank
    • Welded Rod Holders x 8
    • Hydraulic Steering
    • Anchor Warp and Chain
    • Navigation and Anchor Lights
    Photos may show optional extras

    Hull Length - 5.55m
    Beam - 2.25m
    Deadrise - 17°
    Draft - 450mm
    Gunnel Height - 670mm
    Length on Trailer - 6.8m
    Hull - 5mm
    Sides - 4mm
    Fuel Tank - Tote Tanks
    Tow Weight - 875kg
    Approx Cruise Speed - 25mph / 40kph
    Approx Top Speed - 40mph / 64kph
    Recommended HP - 90 - 115

    Hull Warranty - 5 Years

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    Pictures are an example of the model & may not be the actual boat, motor or trailer and may show options not included in this package/price. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Designed to Fish  Review by - Freddie Foote
    The FC560 CC has a very functional layout, focused on fishing with plenty of storage throughout to house everything FC11onboard that you should need. Aft you will see an adequately sized boarding platform on either side of the outboard pod, with the port corner featuring an aluminium boarding T-style boarding ladder, finished with the non-skid, non-mark decking.

    Divers will love the grab rail on the transom to aid in re-entering the boat from the water. In the centre of the floor under the transom is the FC passive live bait tank, which fills automatically when the boat is at rest. No pump is required and the water can be kept locked in until you choose to discharge it. We held a rather large Kahawai in there all day, before releasing him back into the water many hours later. A large bait station is mounted into the centre of the transom and doubles as a ski pole.

    The cockpit has side shelves for storage of longer items and there are tackle lockers built into the gunwale on both sides. Four speakers for the Fusion stereo are also located around the boat. Seating consists of a large bin seat at the helm, which also houses a removable Icey-Tek fish bin underneath. Further seating is located in the aft, both of which can be clipped FC8up out of the way to allow further access into the corners when fishing. The helm and dash area are large and spacious.

    On our boat, the Lowrance HDS9 was located over to the port side with a sizeable glovebox underneath for keys and cell phone storage. Add to that the GME VHF radio below and Fusion stereo alongside and you have everything you need close at hand. Access to storage underneath the helm console is available by either a hatch from the front of aft of the console.

    Like all FC models over 5m, the FC560 CC has two stability systems. Aft, there is a flooding keel, which fills with waters when the boat is at rest, and once underway quickly drains out. In the forward section next to the helm, there is a controllable ballast system, enabling the skipper to bring onboard the desired amount of forward ballast and then to dump it when it’s not needed. A control valve is located under the helm console, accessed via the forward hatch. The forward tank holds around 80 litres of water and takes around 30FC7 seconds to fill. Up under the fairlead are two small holes, big enough to push the end of a hose through. It enables you to flush out the ballast tank system with fresh water after your day on the water.

    Stability is superb when at rest. When netting the Kahawai aboard, the boat showed very little sign of lean, and you felt safe at all times. Not bad considering that two of us have a combined weight of just over 200kg. Extra safety comes in the form of a sealed floor and flotation foam under the side decks. There is a sizeable underfloor locker forward which we utilised to store dive gear. A large bow rail keeps you safe and has a split section which allows the MinnKota to be deployed. The gunnels and foredeck are treated with an optional tough, durable coating. It makes the foredeck non-skid and then also allows the gunnels to take knocks and scratches

    See the full review here:
    (Posted on 17/06/2016)
    Maurice & Mark review the FC 560cc  Review by Maurice & Mark
    Hi all my name is Maurice Bill I have owned boats for as long as I can remember and in recent years have found myself, fishing with one certain mate in particular Mark McMillan. A number of years ago we decided to sell both our boats and get one in partnership. We had an old 430 Stabi craft good but small then we bought a Fyran 480 Rebel which we owned for around two years and found it to be very tender at rest and a bit unpredictable in rough conditions, so it was back to a Stabi craft we bought a 509 XR and absolutely loved that boat. We set it up with a Minn Kota used it for trout fishing, the mussel farms and did a lot of drift fishing with soft plastics and slow jigs. We then had the opportunity to upgrade to a bigger boat and went for another Stabi 1850 super cab as stability was high on our list of priorities. We fished it for a bit as is, we didn’t install the Minn Kota at this stage entered a few comps and found the hardtop to be quite a challenge in early mornings, with poor visibility and fogged up windscreens a real pain and the wind catching the cabin speeding up our style of fishing on the drift. So we decided we didn’t need a cabin we needed a boat we could walk around with plenty of room so we set to and contacted two Stabi dealers with little to no response to our requests.
    We also looked at other pontoon style boats on the market and Mark had spotted a boat sitting outside Fish City and said we should have a look. It was local and we can get the few little things added at the time of build, so we went along to see it, we looked at their 530cc and felt it was a bit small and they didn’t have a 600cc. The boat Mark had seen sitting outside wasn’t there and Josh said to go and see the boys at the fab shop and take a look through the factory. There was a fc600 under construction but there was such a big jump from the fc530 to the fc600 size and price, justifiable the fc600 is a whole lot of boat. Max then pointed out to us that they were developing a boat to fit between the fc530cc and the fc600cc it was to be a fc560cc. The hull had been around as a cuddy cabin for a while so proven design just not as a centre console they had built one for a test boat and that had been the boat Mark had seen sitting outside Fish City. They had one under construction as the first one sold and was going to be released at the boat show in May we both liked what we saw. Then Ross turned up and said lets go for a test run up the Waikato river so we both jumped at the chance I explained that stability was a real issue and Ross and Max explained that their boats are very stable.
    Well the rest is pretty much history after the test run is was decided that the boat was very stable and very soft riding it handled very well.
    We placed the order with Ross and Max the next day and construction was under way. Around Six weeks passed and a heap of visits later mainly to take photos for the photo board at home and to deliver our Minn Kota for fitting the boat was ready. We were lucky to get ours before the release date. We have done around 15hs and have fished the mussel farms and took a spin from Cooks beach to Castle rock for a jig for some Kingies, trolled lures. We have also taken the kids out at Cooks for a drift fish and the family to Lake Rotorua trout fishing. Mark has taken his family for a day out on Lake Karapiro. We love it. It is such a dry boat the trip to castle was very rough, Rotorua was another day where the lake chop was rough. There was good protection behind the clears from wind and good shade from the large Tee Top.
    Plenty of rod storage, loads of wet and dry storage compartments we also had another bin holder installed in front of the console for seating and chilly bin space and most of all very stable with loads of room to fish. All round the best fishing platform we have owned so far.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Fish City for making this experience so enjoyable from day of order to this day. You listened to our requests and found a way to make them happen big shout out to Ross, Max, Josh and the rest of the team that made it happen.
    Maurice & Mark

    (Posted on 8/06/2016)